I´m Andrea, founder of Minteyes. I´m extremely grateful for your trust in Minteyes and we love to invite you to take part in our next challenge.

I love seeing your outfits with you Minteyes, so I wanted to make the challenge around this.

Be part of our brand and we will be gifting a complete look (your fave t-shirt, our new pants, and an accessory) 💖🤩

Here is what you need to do:

1. Record a 15-60 secs video with your Minteyes, your phone in vertical.

2. Show how fun it can be to style your outfit around the Minteyes! You can also tell us waht you love the most: deisgn, quality, color, size...? The Minteyes have to be the sportlight

3. Send us the video over direct message on Instagram at @minteyesbrandI

I´ll be choosing 5 winners 💫 every 1th of each month.

Note: that by sending this video you accept its publication on our website, social networks and any other media.

Can´t wait to see your creations! 💞

Deadline every 30/31st of each month, 2024.

Check some examples here!👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼